The solution

IFC-Validator validates data efficiently and automated to check that IFC files comply with the set requirements.

The IFC Validator checks the IFC files and ensures that parameters exist for each object, that the parameter contains a value and that the value matches the requirements. The IFC Validator quality assures data efficiently and automated to meet one or more requirements. 

IFC-Validator provides a better understanding of the information content of the files. The service helps you validate the level of information to ensure that all operators have correct data. The service follows each object through its unique ID and you can download an excel file for further filtering or for investigation with software such as Navisworks and Solibri. 

The service is easy to get started with and easy to use: 

  1. Select discipline to validate 
  2. Move your IFC file to the browser by "drag and drop"
  3. Get the result within 30 seconds